Thursday, April 3, 2008

German Geoblogosphere

Tonight I created a feed (I guess that's what it is called) with only German Geoblogs that I know showing in it. This is on purpose because there are plenty of sites featuring great feeds for the English speaking Geoblogosphere. I hope this will ease finding them for people from outside of the German speaking community. So far I included 5 Geoblogs including my own. Should I discover more I will naturally add them, too. I hope this works as intended it doesn't seem to show in chronological order, yet, but instead in the order I added them. Perhaps this will solve itself once these are updated.

UPDATE: Uhmm...isn't it suppossed to automaticly update when a new post comes? Someone is very confused here...

UPDATE 2: Hmm...still working on it. Theory seemed easier than reality...

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