Thursday, December 10, 2009

Instructional video on how to use a Geologic Compass

In my last post I showed you a geologic compass in the Freiberg version. Below is a link on how to use a geological compass in the field. The compass used in the video is a Breithaupt model but usage is basicly identical. The only difference is the location of the dip scale which is not located on the sides of the joint but on the inside above the compass circle, as you will see in the video. Unfortunately there is no such video in English language. The video here is exclusively in German.

How to use a geological compass (Gef├╝gekompass)


R Hofmann said...

The "geofeld" website is cool. Very instructive for the first mapping course.

durrani said...

brother that is nice. v r r using the old mannul compass.what is it prise?tell more about its funtions

durrani said...

hai someone tell about the platetectonic?

Lost Geologist said...

durrani, check my posts from the 2nd and 4th of december and read the comments. In there I talked about the prices and uses.