About the Lost Geologist

The Lost Geologist is a doctoral candidate at the Chair of Engineering Geology, Technische Universit√§t M√ľnchen. His research aims at elucidating the genesis of calcium, magnesium and sodium bentonite deposits in both marine and non-marine depositional environments. He focuses on authigenic soil and ground water dolomite and calcite in Mid-Miocene bentonites of the North Alpine Foreland Basin, and the role of pedogenesis in the formation of Bavarian calcium bentonite deposits, Southern Germany. His work is complemented by boron isotope geochemistry of smectites from bentonites deposits in the United States, Argentina, Spain, Germany, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Georgia and Armenia. The Lost Geologists aims to deduce boron sources, fluid compositions, and fluid salinity during smectitization to explain the differences in calcium, magnesium and sodium bentonite formation.

The Lost Geologist was recognized by the following awards:
  • Best Student Oral Presentation, EuroClay 2015, Edinburgh, UK
  • Blair F. Jones/Jane M. Flinn Travel Award 2015 by the Clay Minerals Society 
  • Robert C. Reynolds, Jr. Research Award 2014 by the Clay Minerals Society
  • Clay Minerals Society Student Research Grant 2014 by the Clay Minerals Society
  • SEGF Graduate Student Fellowship Award 2012 by the Society of Economic Geologists
  • 2nd place Student Oral Competition at the 6th Mid-European Clay Conference in Pruhonice, Czech Republic
In the future, he plans to extend his research on hectorite and other lithium-bearing clay deposits in the United States, Mexico and Africa.

In the last three and a half years the Lost Geologist supervised and taught 1st and 2nd semester students in introductionary geology classes and introduced them to geological maps and profiles. He also co-supervised field trips to glacial sediments in the vicinity of Munich and Cenozoic Molasse Basin sediments in Southern Bavaria, Germany. He has been supervisor/co-supervisor of three Bachelor students and their Bachelor thesis projects.

The Lost Geologist applies various field and analytical techniques and has several years of experiences in:
  • Fieldwork and mapping in Jurassic, Cretaceous, and Tertiary volcanic and sedimentary terrains
  • X-ray diffraction analysis (XRD)
  • Portable X-ray fluorescence (p-XRF)
  • Scanning electron microscopy (SEM)
  • Prompt gamma neutron activation analysis (PGAA)
  • Polarization microscopy
  • Stable and radiogenic isotopes (C, O, B, Sr)
The Lost Geologist holds a German Diplom degree (equivalent to a Master) in geology/palaeontology from the Free University of Berlin. There he presented a thesis dealing with the microfacies, diagenesis, geochemistry and some resource characteristics of oolithic, shallow marine Jurassic carbonate rocks.

He is a fan of clays, carbonate rocks, and their depositional environments.

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