About Me

The Lost Geologist is a teaching assistant and Ph.D. student at the Technical University M√ľnchen. He supervises 1st and 2nd semester students in introductionary geology classes, is working on his Ph.D. about bentonites, or researching other useful mineral commodities.

He received a Master degree in geology/palaeontology from the Free University of Berlin where he presented a thesis dealing with the microfacies, diagenesis, geochemistry and some resource characteristics of certain Jurassic carbonate rocks. A large German supplier of construction materials supported his work financially. He is a fan of carbonate rocks and their sedimentology. Also, and more importantly, he loves the geology of ore deposits and industrial minerals. Please take a look at his research interests to find out more.

You can reach him by mail at studentgtb [at] hotmail [dot] com. He also uses ICQ and MSN Messenger. Feel free to ask for his contact IDs.

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