Future research aims: 
  • Li-clay (hectorite) deposit formation, Li sources, and alteration processes. 
  • Paleo-salinity and fluid origin for Na, Ca and Mg bentonite formation. 
  • Genesis and raw material properties of Bavarian bentonite, Southern Germany. 
  • Terrestrial dolomite formation in paleosols & the role of carbonates in clay genesis.
  • Industrial minerals and their geology/mineralogy.
Current research focus:
Doctoral research project: Mechanisms of bentonite formation
  • Authigenic soil and groundwater dolomite and calcite in bentonites as indicators of depositional environment and redox conditions during bentonitization
  • Boron and boron isotope ratios in smectites from calcium, magnesium and sodium bentonites as tracers of boron sources and salinity
Hectorite and Li-bearing clay deposits
  • Arizona hectorite deposits
  • Hectorites and other lithium-bearing clays deposits (stevensite, saponite, tainolite, polylithionite etc.) 
Clay minerals in salt deposits
  • Whole-rock and clay mineral composition in German-Austrian Permian salt deposits [for Dr. C. Leitner]
 Other research interests:
  • Paleosols, calcretes, terrestrial carbonates in Miocene sediments of Southern Germany
  • Carbonate sedimentology
  • Industrial minerals (clays, sulfates and carbonates)
  • Hydrothermal and epithermal mineral deposits
  • Carbonate-hosted ore deposits
Completed research

Diplom (Master) research:
  • Mikrofazies, Diagenese und Geochemie des Hauptrogensteins aus dem Pfirter Jura - (Microfacies, diagenesis and geochemistry of the "Hauptrogenstein" from the region of Ferrette, France).
Diplomkartierung (Master mapping project):
  • Kartierung, Dokumentation und rohstoffgeologische Betrachtungen zum Braunen Jura und Hauptrogenstein im Markgr√§flerland - (Mapping, documentation and raw material aspects of the Brown Jurassic and Hauptrogenstein of the Margraves' Land).