Active and on-going research:
  • Ph.D project: Mechanisms of bentonite formation (working title)
  • Bentonite deposits and smectite genesis
  • Paleosols, calcretes, terrestrial carbonates, the Miocene of Southern Germany
  • Industrial minerals
Finished Master (Diplomarbeit) research:
  • Mikrofazies, Diagenese und Geochemie des Hauptrogensteins aus dem Pfirter Jura - (engl.: Microfacies, diagenesis and geochemistry of the "Hauptrogenstein" from the region of Ferrette, France).
Finished Master mapping (Diplomkartierung):
  • Kartierung, Dokumentation und rohstoffgeologische Betrachtungen zum Braunen Jura und Hauptrogenstein im Markgr√§flerland - (engl.: Mapping, documentation and raw material aspects of the Brown Jurassic and Hauptrogenstein of the Margraves' Land).
 Other research interests:
  • Carbonate sedimentology
  • Industrial minerals and construction materials (Bentonite, Limestone, Phosphorites, terrestrial Evaporites, etc.)
  • Hydrothermal and epithermal mineral deposits
  • Supergene, non-sulfide ore deposits
  • Carbonate-hosted ore deposits - especially Mississippi Valley Type and related deposits
  • Microfossils in metamorphic rocks
Methods that we have directly available at our department to characterize clay and industrial mineral deposits:
  • X-ray powder diffraction
  • microthermometry of fluid inclusions
  • polarisation and UV microscopy of thin sections