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Monday, April 7, 2008

Education and Development Aid

At the end of last year I surprisingly received an Email from my future thesis supervisor. He asked if I would like to be one of the founding members of the Berlin School of Mines e.V., an NGO focused on combining our knowledge of geology and mineral deposits with education and development aid. I agreed to come to our first meeting and we officially founded with our presence and signatures this new organisation. So I am a student member; we are still tiny and in the process of aquiring funds but we already have some upcoming projects in Africa. The water situation in Zambia, see previous post, is also among our agenda, however, projects relating to active mining will also be on our agenda with the main aim to teach and improve the knowledge of locals about geology, environment and the consequences for health and nature. Sadly in many places mining is still an overly dirty business with excessive contamination of ground, water and air. We hope we can remedy at least a tiny part of that. In the future we also hope to extend our involvment to countries facing severe desertification and other, often human caused, problems. I got to admit at first I was sceptical but the more and more I learn about what can be done, and the more I see how easy it (African Angel - not related to us but I saw it on TV) can be sometimes to help, the more I grow fond of the idea to be part of this. I am convinced that among all aspects education is the main key. My little contribution... :-)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Literature about Peru and Zambia?

I am a bit busy these days with preparing my 2nd diploma exam (there are 4 in total) that is scheduled for the 28th of March. Posting will be rather infrequent because of that.

I do have a little question not related to my preperations though. Can anyone suggest me good introductory and advanced literature/articles about the geology of Peru and Zambia? Right now I have a rather random collection of very specialised nature mainly on individual deposits. Unfortunately good general geology info about these countries is hard to come by in Germany especially when you do not know what exactly to look for. I am not restricted to German; English, Dutch or Spanish sources would also be fine.

So...any suggestions welcome and many thanks in advance!