18 January, 2008

Bad news always comes fridays

Actually - it doesn't but tonight it feels like it. I had a very long planed idea about where to do my Diploma thesis. Today I received an email from my contact in the company stating that he is very sorry to inform me that he will no longer be able to support me because he left the company. This effectively means I need to completely re-orientate myself less than half a year before I must begin my Diploma thesis (similiar to Master). We've been talking about this for almost a year and it is such a very disappointing news to read that it has all been for nothing. To me it seems extremely unlikely that I can do my thesis about mineral deposits and exploration within this company without having his support. I really feel like a "The Lost Geologist" now - very lost and left alone. This seemed like written in stone for me and I didn't even think about looking for other opportunities. Now I am back to zero. Byebye Nevada, byebye Peru...

It seems like I have to do some serious meditating about this issue during the next few days to revise my options. I do not feel like doing one of the standard thesis topics students usually get directly from university around here especially because there are non that have any connection with mineral deposits and exploration.

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