07 January, 2008

Never ending story...

For ages two friends and me have been busy with this stupid mapping work for university. We finally managed to get a preliminary report done when our supervisors had the bright notion of coming up with some new and interesting ideas!!! Hello??? It's winter up there now in the Ore Mountains and snow and ice cover everything. You can't do heavy mineral sampling in streams there now! They should be leaving their ivory tower a few times more often...

Anyways. Here is what our map will look like. Nice colors, no? Reddish are Rhyolits, lilac Phyllits and yellowish Gneiss. The funny symbols designate smaller occurences too tiny to be shown in scale on a map.

Here's a nice september view of the beautiful landscape close to the german-czech border 800 m above sealevel.

Field work a year ago was nice with good weather though. Four days could wrap it all up. Too bad labs need months to tell us the geochemistry will have to be canceled for costs reasons. Ahh...well, we hope to get the final version handed out end of January. That will be one happy day!

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