26 January, 2008

Where on (Google) Earth # 103

Solving Peter L's WoGE # 102 it is my turn again to post. I picked what I think is interesting and I would like to also hear something (only a line or two are ok) about the geology and why the site I picked it so interesting.

For all those new to WoGE simply post a reply to this post stating the detailed description of the location or the lat-lon coordinates. Most of us will also say something about the geology/geography of the site, too. The Schott Rule applies (previous winners must wait one hour for every win they had).

Posting time was 5:50 PM GMT+1


BGC said...

Well, I located it but haven't yet found any geology details about what's in the view... Found bunches of stuff about the greater region, but nothing that seemed pertinent here.

Still looking!

The Lost Geologist said...

Keep looking! This WoGE is still open for others to take their chances. I would like to give a hint but it would be too easy.

BGC said...

OK, so here's what I know (little tho it is).

We're at:
15S 3' 26"
74W 48' 55"

the area is just SE of the Nazca desert (famous for the Nazca lines) and N/NW of the site of the Ica earthquake.

The deserts in the region are noted for highly coarse eolian sand deposits.

Apparently, there are also major iron deposits in the region (some of the biggest in the pacific rim) and resulting (?) from the Andean uplift related the the Nazca Plate convergence.

Wikipedia on the Ica region has more on the geography.

Other than that, I'm stumped. Nice dune features tho...

So, what did I miss?

PS - I'm fully willing to acknowledge someone else as the winner if they identify what Mathias was looking for...

The Lost Geologist said...

You mentioned what I wanted to see! The Iron Sands. You can throw a magnet into the desert sand and when you pull it out again it will be completely covered in a thick layer of iron minerals!

You turn BGC!

The Lost Geologist said...

BGC, can you post a link to the next WoGE in here as a comment?

bgc said...

I don't have a blog of my own, so if it's alright with you I'll pick a site and you can host it. If that's OK, I'll email you something this afternoon (well, afternoon my time anyway...)


The Lost Geologist said...

Please email it at


Christie said...

I have to say I am enjoying the game. I really never have a chance to find the location...although I was close once. I enjoy the chance to do some satellite photo geology interpretations. I can make my interpretation and then come back later in the day to see what the poster wanted us to see. I just let all the type A geologists win the prize.

The Lost Geologist said...

I'm glad you enjoy it Christie. It took me a long time till I solved my first one, too! Feel free to post comments on other WoGEs.

The Lost Geologist said...

btw BGC I got your mail but dont have time to post it now. I need to run for university and class.