28 January, 2008

Where on (Google) Earth # 104

BGC found the WoGE #103 and could now propose the next one. He has no blog or website of his own so I was asked to host the image for him. It's BGC's call when this WoGE is solved. Of course I won't partake. I know the location.

For all those new to WoGE simply post a reply to this post stating the detailed description of the location or the lat-lon coordinates. Most of us will also say something about the geology/geography of the site, too. The Schott Rule applies (previous winners must wait one hour for every win they had).

Post time was 7:15PM GMT+1


ScienceWoman said...

I can't believe I'm the first person to get this. It took me all of about 2 minutes once I had the time to pull up google earth. (Sorry, I'm excited, it's my first win.)

N 47 degrees 50 minutes
W 123 degrees 8 minutes

We are in the Olympic Mountains in Washington State. The Olympics are a classic example of an accretionary wedge. The mountains are thought to be in steady state, and people have inferred this by studying stream terraces. They are probably also going to lose their glaciers...

BGC said...

Mmmm, sea-floor all crunched up into the sky! You're quite right!

I kind figured it'd be an easy one, even looking south. Good job tho.

Your turn!


The Lost Geologist said...

That was fast! Looking forward to the next one sciencewoman!

ScienceWoman said...

WOGE #105 is up at my place.

Hurry. I made it easy for my mostly non-geo readers so I suspect it won't last long.