12 January, 2008

Where on (Google) Earth? #91

Today I got the location right at Where on (Google)Earth #90 over at Clastic Detritus the first time. That means it's my turn to post a picture! I am a bit uncertain on the difficulty level but I hope people will find this one interesting.

For any new players to Where on (Google)Earth, simply put the lat-long or detailed description of the location in the comments below. A lot of us will typically say a little something about the geography or geology and sometimes we share our tactics for searching. If you win, you get to host the next one.

The Schott Rule (previous winners must wait for 1 hour for every win) is in effect.

Post time was 10:43 PM Central European Time. That's GMT+1.


JMA said...

48° 5'N, 7° 38'E
Vogtsburg im Kaiserstuhl

I recognise this from the Rhine on the west which is the France - Germany border.

Are the higher areas volcanic and related to the the Rhine Rift?

The Lost Geologist said...

Your good!!! Well, I am satisfied with that explaination. It's your turn again!

Though maybe you can tell us why the Kaiserstuhl is so special apart from being the last phase of volcanism during the rhine rifting?

fj said...

Just great. :-p For whatever reason, I insantly thought "this is the Rhine" and happliy zoomed along it until I found the location. (However, I didn't recognise the Kaiserstuhl in the original picture right away.)

But then, waking up Sunday morning doesn't help against those night-owls who prefer WoGE to a decent night out. ;-)

Regarding your additional quiz, the Upper Rhine Vally and especially the Kaiserstuhl are rather dry and warm compared to most of Germany. So they grow wine there which is said to be quite good. Personally, I haven't done a thorough survey yet. ;-)

The Lost Geologist said...

Well, the reason I picked it is because it is the only Carbonatite occurance in Germany that's worth being mentioned. If I am not entirely mistaken it actually is the only Carbonatite in all of Germany. Hence my interest. I think including the Rhine was too much of a clue. Next time it will be more difficult.

jma...I read you don't have a blog yourself. Do you want to post you picture on my blog or on Clastic Detritus again?

JMA said...

fj...what about those who like a decent night out and a bit of WoGE before bed? ;-)

The Lost Geologist said...

I read your comment JMA. I didn't publish it because it would make it too easy with the coordinates in it. ;)

Are you sure about the altitude of the image? If so I will release the image later today.

fj said...

@jma: Yeah, that sounds like a good idea, in hindsight. I just didn't realise things could happen so quickly.

Perhaps I should find a cell phone with internet access that runs google earth. Then, I'll be ready all the time!