13 January, 2008

Where on (Google) Earth # 92

JMA got my WoGE #91 about the Kaiserstuhl right very fast. He doesn't have a Blog of his own to post the new image so he supplied me with the location. Naturally I myself won't participate because I know the location. So...JMA will have to decide when the image has been correctly identified.

For any new players to Where on (Google)Earth, simply put the lat-long or detailed description of the location in the comments below. A lot of us will typically say a little something about the geography or geology and sometimes we share our tactics for searching. If you win, you get to host the next one.

The Schott Rule (previous winners must wait for 1 hour for every win) is in effect.

Post time was 10:18 PM Central European Time or GMT+1


Anonymous said...

well my 6 hours are up, that's about as far SE on the Greek mainland as you can get.

37°42'N 24°0'E

I still dont have a blog, so you can choose the next location again


The Lost Geologist said...

I think JMA chose that region for a reason but if JMA thinks this is solved then I won't object.

Though I will prefer if you let me know of a place you want to have posted sagan.

JMA said...

You got it!!

I chose that area for the historically important silver mines at Laurium.


The Lost Geologist said...

sagan, do you want to let me know of a location you want to be chosen?

you can use the comments to tell me. I need to moderate them before they appear anyways and can keep it to myself then.