15 January, 2008

Where on (Google) Earth # 93

Sagan solved Where on (Google) Earth #92. He does not have his own Blog thus he allowed me to chose an image in his place. I spend some time pondering about it because I have a feeling it may be very hard. If there are no right answers till wednesday or thursday I will give a hint or two. For any new players to Where on (Google)Earth, simply put the lat-long or detailed description of the location in the comments below. A lot of us will typically say a little something about the geography or geology and sometimes we share our tactics for searching. If you win, you get to host the next one.
The Schott Rule (previous winners must wait for 1 hour for every win) is in effect.

Post time was 05:11 PM Central European Time. CET is GMT+1.


fj said...

49 08 N
12 45 E

between Cham and Viechtach

fj said...

The NW-SE trending linear feature is the Bayerische Pfahl, I suppose. At least its strike direction caused me to look in the Bayerischer / Böhmischer Wald area. (Although that was more gut feeling than knowledge of geology. *g*)

The Lost Geologist said...

fj...i read you final comments about waiting to publish too late. So i guess it is your turn again now. Although JMA technically mailed me the correct answer a few minutes sooner than you did. He renounced his rights though in favour of leaving it open a bit longer.

For fairness I think it would be good if you let JMA host you new image. He specifically made a Blog for WoGE.

What do you two think about that?

fj said...

If JMA posted the solution earlier, I think it would be proper to declare him the winner.

I will then just take my chances with his next picture. ;-)

JMA, should you really not want to publish the next one, I will be happy to suggest one to host on your blog. But only if you're okay with that.

JMA said...

fj, I'm fine with that. It's here if you want to leave your suggestion there. Just leave a comment somewhere.


It's moderated so it won't be seen.


The Lost Geologist said...

Good to see you are hosting WoGE #94 JMA!

JMA said...

fj, Do you want me to publish a suggestion from you?

A Thin Section said...

WoGE#94 has now been published over at A Thin Section (JMA)