19 March, 2008

Green mineral finally found!

I know I am horribly late but it took me forever to find something among my collection of rocks and minerals that even remotely has some sort of greenish color. Finally, I succeeded and here I present to you the only piece of green rock/mineral that I have.

There are a lot of other minerals in this sample as anyone can notice. But just tell me what the green one is and I'll be happy! Of course you are free to speculate ahead on the others just, as well. The pencil was included for scale; the background palaeo-geographic maps have no connection to the sample. It's just the stuff I am studying these days and I didn't want to clean up.


Silver Fox said...

I'd like to say fluorite. And a very interesting rock!

Lutz said...

It's fluorite (I hope so ;))

The Lost Geologist said...

You are both right. It is green fluorite. I though it would be too easy. ;-)

I should make a thin section of it to get confirmation on all the other minerals in it. I can identify with bare eyes at least 10 different minerals (including the fluorite) but it's rather difficult when they are so tiny.

wandy said...

i can't comment about that mineral,,but i just want u tell me what streak and hardness from that mineral,so i can prediction about that...thx u