15 March, 2008

Literature about Peru and Zambia?

I am a bit busy these days with preparing my 2nd diploma exam (there are 4 in total) that is scheduled for the 28th of March. Posting will be rather infrequent because of that.

I do have a little question not related to my preperations though. Can anyone suggest me good introductory and advanced literature/articles about the geology of Peru and Zambia? Right now I have a rather random collection of very specialised nature mainly on individual deposits. Unfortunately good general geology info about these countries is hard to come by in Germany especially when you do not know what exactly to look for. I am not restricted to German; English, Dutch or Spanish sources would also be fine.

So...any suggestions welcome and many thanks in advance!


Miguel Vera said...

Hey, sorry that I missed this post. In case you still need info about the geology of Peru, I can recommend you:

Géologie des Andes Péruviennes: Caractères Généraux de l'évolution Géologique des Andes Péruviennes

In it you'll find the entire geologic history of the country. The only problem is that it's in french. We have a translation here, but it's only in print. Furthermore, if you don't have problems with french, the IRD site holds digital versions of great works from Dalmayrac, Laubacher, Mégard, Marocco and others.

In addition, if you need more recent info, and related to ore deposits, you can search the old archives of the INGEMMET by selecting the option "Informes Técnicos" on the left side of the main page, or browse the new publications in "Biblioteca Virtual" in the "Publicaciones" upper menu. For geologic maps of Peru's cuadrangles go to the "Geología e Investigación" upper menu.

Finally, you should also check out the Geologic Society bulletins, though those are only in print too, not online.

Anyway, if you really need books or articles that aren't available online, just tell me which ones and I'll gladly get them and scan them for you.


Lost Geologist said...

Thank you miguel! Those are some very good sources! French isn't really my language but I can manage to understand the meaning usually.

I don't know if I will actually do my thesis in Peru by now. There were some major financing problems.