17 April, 2008

"abgetaucht" - a special exhibition

Thuesday I paid a visit to the latest special exhibition in the Museum of Natural History of Berlin. It is an exhibition celebrating the International Year of the Reef - IYOR 2008 and features both recent and fossil examples of reefs through-out time. Of course it re-ignited my dream of hanging out in the Caribbean next to some nice reefs, carbonate plattforms and especially nice and sunny beaches cornered by wind-blown ooid dune fields. Anyways. Though a bit small it is a well rounded show to go and see if you happen to be in Berlin (Exhibition time April 8th - September 30th 2008). If you don't like reefs you can focus on the re-worked Dinosaur skelletons in the lobby or the mineral collection. Below you can see some fotos I made...


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