01 April, 2008

Existence of Petrophaga lorioti affirmed!

Until now the cause of massive weathering of historic buildings could not be explained to full satisfaction. The theory of the existance of Petrophaga lorioti has long been discussed in German speaking scientific communities of Germany, Switzerland and Austria. First theories were postulated by Loriot in 1976 but largly belittled by fellow countrymen. The first eye witness account came from microbiologist Wolfgang E. Krumbein from Vienna. He reported seeing 30 to 40 little red beasts buzzing over the algaes (Zaun, 2001). It was followed in 2007 by mysterious sightings in Dresden and burrowing tupes inside the sandstones of famous buildings (Müller, 2007). Now the University of Dresden has examined samples from the castle of Moritzburg and came to sensational findings! Appearence is slightly different from the original drawings of Loriot by the existance can be confirmed!

To honor the first by Loriot it has been given the scienfitic name of Anoplura lithoklasia loriotensis. The remains of some could be found and microfotographs were taken. Here is one of them:

Also it has been reported by Dr. Florian Seiffert from the Stonelouse Centre of Northrhine Westphalia that a new sub-specias has been discovered in German University Libaries! It has been given the provisional name of Petrophaga lorioti bibliotheca. Especially the library of the FH Trier has been severly hit with a count of 12,345,678,999 louse! Frankfurt is not doing much better with 11,111,111,111 louse found and counted!

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April Fool!


Silver Fox said...

It's a louse of some kind? Can you imagine counting all of them?!

The Lost Geologist said...

Yes and imagine the horror of librarians involved in this count when finding billions of stonelouse devouring the books during the night!!!! ;-)

The Lost Geologist said...

In case someome still didn't realise: April Fool!!!! :D