24 April, 2008

Free access peer-reviewed Geojournals

I have a number of free access peer-reviewed Geojournals among my bookmarks. I thought it might be a nice idea to share my favorites that I check for updates frequently. My personal list is not that long but if you want to search for more I can really recommend this website called Geoscience e-Journals administrated by Bruno Granier, University of Brest, France.

Some of the favorites I bookmarked to easily find back are the Boletin de la Sociedad Geologica Mexicana and the Revista Mexicana de Ciencias Geologicas. Both of them show a wealth of information about Mexican geology and adjenct areas. The entire span of geology is covered from hydrogeology, geomorphology, a bit of the history of geology and mineral deposits. I hope you guys and girls know some basic Spanish, however, the occasional articles is also available on English.

Although not exactly a peer-reviewed Journal like claimed in the title but also a wonderful read when it comes to current ocean sciences is E-Magazine of the Scripps Institute of Oceanography.

What I like a lot is Geologica Belgica that naturally puts a strong emphasis on Belgian geology, neighbouring countries and former colonial areas in Central Africa (Congo). General geology of all kinds is covered, of course the mineral deposits part was what caught my attention at first.

Sometimes I also pay a visit to Palaeontologia Electronica when I feel like looking at some interesting fossils.

Last but not least the Journal of Geosciences by the Czech Geological Society is also a great read when you are interested in finding out about the Bohemian Massive and other areas of Central Eastern Europe.

If there is nothing of interest among those I recommend checking out the Portal of the Geoscience e-Journals I already mentioned at the top. They feature 44 free-access electronically available Geojournals that are indeed worth the visit.

UPDATED due to request from Bruno Granier. He also suggested an alternative server that I like to mention, too: http://paleopolis.rediris.es/geosciences that is hosted by palaeopolis in Spain.

UPDATE 2: I added the link to the portal to my Favorite Links on the sidebar so it is easy to find back once this post disappears from the frontpage.


Ole (olelog) said...

Here is another good list:
DOAJ - Directory of Open Access Journals
now listing 57 journals belonging to the subject: Geology at

Lost Geologist said...

Thanks ole! That would have been on my agenda to post during the weekend. ;-)

I have both among my bookmarks. It's just too much to read it all. :)

BG said...

Dear "Lost Geologist"
First thanks for the link to our portal!
I take this opportunity to suggest that you change the following part of your text
"Geoscience e-Journals run by the University of Brest, France"
"Geoscience e-Journals administrated by Bruno Granier, University of Brest, France"
"Geoscience e-Journals administrated by Bruno Granier and hosted by Paleopolis, Spain"

The link is either pointing to the server in Brest or to http://paleopolis.rediris.es/geosciences/

keep on doing the god work!
Best wishes,

Lost Geologist said...

Sure, no problem! Glad I can help. It's a really interesting site.