12 April, 2008

Good Chitinozoa and bad thesis

Today was quite an up and down with good and bad news. First I received a mail from the head of production of the GEOMIN - Erzgebirgische Kalkwerke GmbH who read my seminar paper that I mailed him last week. You may recall my previous posts about possible Chitinozoa from Phyllites of the Erzgebirge in Germany. Apparently, as he wrote me, I proved an until now dismissed theory by a gentleman called Mahlzahn from 1965 correct. Back then no one believed these claims and the idea was put to the archives. Looks like I brought it back to life after 43 years! I don't even know if Mr. Mahlzahn still lives after so many years. Now the GEOMIN geologist will discuss this with the head of paleontology of the local university in Freiberg (my previous uni before going to Berlin). This is taking a nice direction. I am developing a tiny hope that maybe this could be something to publish.

The down side today was that I received another email from a contact in Peru from the company I was planing to do my thesis paper at. I am very interested in those Mississippi Valley Type deposites but apparently the big bosses do not like the idea of having a student around after all. I cannot and will not discuss the details but, again, I need to re-orientate myself and find a new thesis project. It's quite a disappointment (and very annoying) but my contact there is not to blame. I only have around 2 months left (maybe 3 if I stretch it) to find one now. Sigh!


Silver Fox said...

Congrats on the good news. Too bad about the thesis project - hopefully something will turn up soon. Maybe something even better!

Silver Fox said...

Actually, I was wondering if your projects in Africa might somehow turn into a thesis, although it wouldn't be Mississippi Valley type.

Lost Geologist said...

My prof told me that if I cannot find anything "better" it would be no problem to work on one of these projects in Africa and make it into my thesis. I'll try to have a look inside Europe though. Maybe I find something interesting a bit closer to home. I am a bit scared of the high malaria risk in the project areas.