05 April, 2008

Weekend Field Foto No. 1

I decided to start sharing more of my field fotos that are mostly derived from university field trips or my Internships at various companies. Today I will show you a foto that a friend of mine took 3 years ago during a mapping exercise in France. We were mapping on the Presqu'ile de Crozon in Brittany. If you need help finding it on a map look south of Brest on the opposite side of the bay. This was definitly my best university field trip ever! Great teacher, good people to work with, lovely, varied and challenging geology combined with a wonderfully warm late summer and fantastic French food located directly on the sea-side! Our mapping area extended for about 9 to 10km right along the cliffs of the coastline. Fantastic! Anyways, enought talking. Here is the first weekend field foto:

In the foto above you can see me wondering about those nice looking rocks in front of me that belong to the lower Paleozoic Rozan Formation of mostly volcanic origin. The Rozan Formation also includes a few limestone horizons in the hanging wall section and silified deep water shales in the footwall that are cross-cut by sills and dikes. The foto features tuff with volcanic bombs of varying sizes. Enjoy.

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