11 April, 2008

Weekend Field Foto No. 2

Today's weekend field foto features the field camp I was at roughly 3 years ago during my industrial practise in the Peruvian High Andes. That was a very interesting experience so high in the mountains! The camp was roughly at 5300 m above sealevel. It really pushed me to my limits. Altitude sickness had struck me very hard and I was feeling like I am going to die for 8 days. The crew was exploring for high/low sulphidation epithermal Au-Ag silver veins in the volcanics of Central/Southern Peru. Unfortunately after 8 days the mine doctor of the near-by Mina Arcata ordered me to return to Lima at once after my left foot and leg began feeling numb due to the aforementioned altitude sickness.

Anyways. You can still see some left-over snow in the white spots; you can also recognise a big vein/dike in the background. The mapping was quite advanced and they soon began drilling. Dispite the problems it was really worth testing my limits to the extreme.

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