25 April, 2008

Weekend Field Foto - Plage du Poul; Central Brittany

Another implementation of the weekend field foto series. Here I like to show you what beautiful sights are given to us outdoor folks when taking a few minutes to relax and just enjoy the beauty of nature and a wonderful, warm late summer's day. This is the view from atop the Plage du Poul on the Presqu'ile de Crozon in Central Brittany. It originates from the same field trip as the foto featuring me standing in front of rock of the Rozan Formation. Parts of the Rozan Formation can be seen on the right hand side of the foto. Those two islands are largely composed of volcanic rocks and schists. The Plage du Poul itself is composed of three different kinds of rocks. From east to west the white Amorican Sandstone (textbook like quarz sandstone), a very narrow exposure of the Postolonnec Schist and the Kermeur Sandstone which is a bit more varied than the Amorican Sandstone. Amorican Sandstone and Postolonnec Schist are seperated by an approximately 1 m wide fault that can easily be found standing in the beach and looking up the bay.

All of these formations are part of a/one/several(?) large synclines. The same formations can be found again on the Western coast of the Presqui'le de Crozon and in the North. I think. Maybe someone can revitalise my memory here. ;)

P.S. Those people are friend of mine (white hat) and me (dark hat).

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