12 April, 2008

Weekend fun!!!

Another rock to guess and telediagnose! This one should be easy - I think - but I like it a lot. It's the gift of a friend. I hope foto quality is well enough. It is slightly brighter in reality. It is about 2 cm in diameter. Tell me in short words what it is, how it forms and one place where to find it.

Enjoy and have fun!


fj said...

Looks like amber to me – a fossil resin of Tertiary (May I still use that word? *g*) trees, most likely some conifers.

In Germany, you could find it washed ashore by the North and Baltic Seas, and in some lignite mines. Sadly, they have been flooded by now.

Silver Fox said...

I noticed a possible cemented breccia texture in the center, and thought of some kind of jasper or agate - ?