06 May, 2008

Another round of Blogs

Unfortunately I do not speak any Italian because I recently discovered Geologia online, a blog on geology on Italian with very interesting contributions as far as my laughable Spanish, Latin and Romanian help me to understand. Also I came across the Ramblings of a Geologist by Katherine Allen. Then I found Cryology and Co. focusing entirely on Glaciers and phenomena of cold climatic conditions. Last but not least the Stratamodel Blog. I don't want to promote the company behind it - I don't know it at all, however, the blog about their fieldwork in Niger is fantastic!

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Silver Fox said...

I'm tagging you for the "Six Word Meme," details of which are on my site.

Also, about the label cloud thingy - you should be able to put in a bunch of common German words that it will then ignore - don't remember what that was called - could be time consuming. I had ignore a couple names of people.