15 May, 2008

My First Geology Tool

Dave from Geology News posted about his first ever field trip way back in 2001. That's the same year I began studying at university. However, I had enrolled in Geotechnical and Mining Engineering that year only to drop out of that and switch to geology three semesters later. Sadly I do not have any fotos of my first field trips. So I decided to make a short foto session with my first ever geology tools instead. Gladly I kept all of them (except the tiny acid bottle that fell apart).

So what was my first geo-tool? Of course it was my hammer!

But was it really my very first? Not quite. Remember I started out with Geotechnical and Mining Engineering! In my first year I already worked for two months in a large open pit lignite mine west of Cologne. So the first tool I ever had is my helmet:

I am very glad I have it. It saved my head more than once. Actually I had two helmets, however, the one I used in the Berchtesgaden Salt Mine had to be replaced after only 3 days because the ceiling above us decided to drop a few kilogramms of rock onto our raft during maintenance work. Poor helmet had a dent and hole in it the size of a grapefruit. Yep,it was a raft on a lake inside a mine. Long story.

What are your first geology tools?


Tuff Cookie said...

Besides an awkwardly long rock hammer (still in use), I had a lovely, large hand lens that's now buried in dead leaves somewhere on the Virginia coastal plain because my lanyard snapped. I miss that hand lens - I didn't have to squint really hard to use it.

Silver Fox said...

It's way cool (oops, I'm probably using two words that bug some people!) that you have your first hammer and first helmet. Hey, I have my first very own purchased mine boots that actually fit me! They are in the back of my field truck.

Lost the first hammer somewhere in the field in central Nevada a long time ago. Don't know what happened to the first hand lens - maybe I had it through the 80's, maybe not.

Lost Geologist said...

tuff cookie: I usually had an incredible big consumption of pencils. I think I left one per outcrop...

silver fox: I have my mine boots, too! from the same place I have the helmet. Very sturdy ones with steel plates inside.