06 May, 2008

Tag clouds band waggon

Everyone is doing the tag cloud thing and using it to visualise their papers, blogs and other kinds of publications. Brian started it and now Chuck, Rebecca, Maria, Kim, Chris, Silver Fox, Julian, Tuff Cookie, Callan and Dave followed up. After teaching the TagCrowd to ignore all the common and tiny German words I managed to use this funny tool on my seminar paper I also wrote about in my blog. Somehow the German special letters of ä, ö, ü, ß and others give it problems but the playing around removed most senseless words. So here it is!

created at TagCrowd.com


Silver Fox said...

Well, I can even read some of it! Does phyllitescholle have something to do with phyllite?

Lost Geologist said...

Yes, phyllitscholle means phyllite nap. schwarzschiefer means black shale btw, essentially a graphite-phyllite in which i rediscovered the chitinozoans.