24 May, 2008

Weekend Field Foto - a fold with a fault

I've been so busy with following the Accretionary Wedge carnival, writing my own contribution for it, studying and writing/reading about nonsulfides I totally forgot about posting a weekend field foto! Shame on me! Silver Fox has the habit of posting field fotos of faults from her field work. So today I decided to search for a nice fault and think I may have found a nice one. It is a foto from Brittany, yep, the same field trip I already mentioned so often! In one of those bays you can observe folded layers of sand- and siltstone thrusted (is that the right english word?) onto shales. I'm going to have to consult my notes about the exact location and the exact formation, however, all of these rocks are from the Lower Palaeozoic.

It was a bit tricky deciding from where the fold originally came. We were unable to find useful slickensides and measing the fold with a compass isn't exactly easy either. Would be nice to go back there and have some "fun".

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David Bressan said...

Hello, thank you for visiting my blog. Coming along all this folds you present on your blog, I have myself tried to find some thoughts on them.

Keep up the good and inspiring work!