16 May, 2008

Weekend Fun No. 6

Another edition of weekend fun and mineral guessing! This one is a rather large example. Ball-pen included for scale. The background is the kitchen table, it's plastic. Don't be distracted! The rust-colored spots are much too rust-like, however, it is the best foto I could take. There are several minerals to be identified. How many can you find and what are they?

Have fun!


Ron Schott said...

On the surface, the light colored glomerocrysts appear to me to be quartz. I'll reserve judgement on the rest of it for now.

MJC Rocks said...

I'll toss in sphalerite or galena. I agree about the quartz.

Silver Fox said...

I'll guess that the large, cubic-looking brown crystals are oxidized pyrite (or magnetite?).

And is there something green hidden in the matrix? Garnet?

Tyler Daniels said...

when i get older i wanna be a geologist and im in gr 11 so i hope i get to be one its my dream job