28 May, 2008

Where on Google Earth #128

After a long time I managed to get another WoGE correct and can host the 128th edition! I decided to make it a pretty tough one. Scale and North arrow have been removed. In return I will not invoke the Schott Rule. Anyone can reply on the location with a few geological details right away. As always either give the coordinates or an exact geographic location. This location is of importance for the scientific understanding of a certain geological issue. You can read about it in many textbooks.

Good luck!


fj said...

51°53'N, 10°25'E, in the Harz Mountains, south of Goslar.

I suppose the issue you are hinting at is either the formation or the mining of various ores. There's no more mining of the Rammelsberg, but they have an "Besucherbergwerk" (exhibition mine?). I haven't been there myself yet. :-(

Generally, the Harz is (was?) rather rich in ore deposits; for more specific information I had to cheat and draw from the depths of the Google and Wikipedia, and later on stumbled across comments by a certain lost geologist. ;-)

Most of the Harz deposits are hydrothermal veins (I hope this is the correct translation), whereas the Rammelsberg ores are submarine, synsedimentary (i.e. formed from hydrothermal solutions during sedimentation).

Lost Geologist said...

And I thought this one would be difficult! The Rammelsberg deposit is one of the type localities for SEDEX type deposits. Your turn EffJot!

BrianR said...

fj ... make sure to include a link to the next one in this comment thread

i'm ready for a win!

fj said...

I was busy shooing students up and down the slopes of an open-cast mine at 32 degrees (both temperature and slope), so I'm a bit worn out...

The next WoGE will be on my blog tomorrow, and of course I'll announce it here.

fj said...

So, here is WoGE 129. Have fun!