07 May, 2008

XIV Congreso Peruano de Geologia

GeoCosas already reported about it a while back. After my thesis plans have all been sunk by now due to financing issues and new opportunities are only available starting november the XIV Congreso Peruano de Geologia and XIII Congreso Latinoamericanode Geologia seems like the perfect choice to bring that extra time to some good use. I was long planing to visit friends in Lima, Peru, whom I haven't seen in more than 3 years. This sounds like a really good reason to go!

Largely a congress aimed at resource geologists this seems like paradise to go and see. They have juicy courses that I can hardly sit still when reading about like:

“Unconventional Zinc Deposits – Lessons to Learn from Supergene Metallogenesis” with G. Borg

“SEG Workshop Lead-Zinc deposits” with Richard Tosdale, David Leach, LluĂ­s FontbotĂ© y Larry Meinert

OK, these are just two of the courses that get me all excited about but there are plenty more of high interest! Of course there symposias and special lectures on Amazonian Geology or Earthquakes and Seismicity in South America, as well!

Also there will be a lot of field trips to some famous mines within Peru and South America.

I better begin saving up some money to afford the flight and fees! I wonder if anyone else from the Geoblogosphere will be attending it.


Silver Fox said...

That sounds very interesting, and they have a wide variety of topics covered by field trips and symposia. I won't be going, but can certainly recommend Richard Tosdale as someone to learn from (co-leader of the Yerington prophyry copper course I went on). It should be great for you, getting back to areas you've worked in, seeing new ones.

Miguel Vera said...

I signed up last week. The last congress had some very interesting talks, so I'm looking forward to this one.

Lost Geologist said...

Thanks for both of your comments! I am not signed up, yet, because I need fo finalise and confirm the starting time for my diploma field mapping. It would be a shame to sign-up and then find out I cannot come or vice versa.

Also I am definitly nervous. It would be my first congress/meeting ever. I'm still a bit perplexed on how/where to sign up for the pre-congress courses. But I definitly want to see at least one, maybe two if I have time and money.

Lukysh said...

If you come to Lima, maybe we can join for a cup of beer? thanks for the meme, I was in a fieldtrip for long, long time... cheers

Lost Geologist said...

That's a nice idea lukysh! Once I know with certainty I can drop you a line.