02 June, 2008


Finally I passed my absolutely last class exam!!! I even dreamt about Gastropods tonight and snails like Natica and Nassarius were chasing me in my dream! Thankfully it is behind me! Basicly I saved the worst exam for last. I did not do much in the last week besides studying. To finalise my series about the Gastropoda I will just show you some pretty pictures I took in the collection while studying.

Calliostoma sp.

Potamides sp.

Aporrhais sp.

Murex sp.

That leaves to do:
  • another two verbal diploma exams - next one in July maybe...
  • one diploma mapping project - starting in October maybe...
  • one thesis - big questionmark. I still do not have a replacement topic.
Hmm...could be worse. :-)


fj said...


So you are free and happy and in the very best mood to surprise us with WoGE 130. ;-)

Silver Fox said...

Congratulations! And now you can stop dreaming about gastropods and snails, I hope!

Lost Geologist said...

Thanks to both of you! :-)