22 June, 2008

Looking to the future

Amidst my preperation for monday's diploma exam I received a very fortunate email this week regarding my diploma mapping project (in Germany one must work a major mapping project and a thesis for a Diplom/Master degree). On thursday I got news from the friendly geo in the regional geological survey of Baden-Wurttemberg located in Freiburg regarding my bid for help in finding a theme. I already knew I would be doing my project there two or three weeks ago but the good news is that they now agreed to also co-finance my mapping work to make up for expenses in housing, fuel, etc. It's a great relief not to be plunged into a too big financial black hole. A hole with a visible buttom is much better.

I will be doing a geological mapping of mainly Jurassic and Triassic sedimentary rocks. These are high purity limestones. The main target will be the so called Hauptrogenstein - an oolitic limestone. There are still formalities to be settled, therefore I do not know the exact mapping location, yet. Nevertheless it will be around 25km south of the city of Freiberg in the Upper Rhine Valley ranging roughly from the Rhine river to the main fault in contact with the Black Forrest. There is a univers of literature about the region so it was no problem to find the bellow geological overview of the area.

The red circle that I included roughly encircles my approximate mapping area. As things are going I will start mapping in november due to dense vegetation cover and active agriculture. This is around 30km south of the Kaiserstuhl volcanoe and carbonatite deposit and also very close to a few old and famous mining districts in the Black Forrest. As you can recognise on the map I will be mapping right in a major rift setting that still today is one of the most earthquake active regions of Germany (nothing in comparison to US Pacific coast though). I'm expecting quite a bit of tectonics in my area which is a good reason to catch-up on my structural geology.

Google Earth is such a neat tool to take a quick look at the place:

I hope I have time and chance to do a few good post about the Upper Rhine Graben after I am back from vacation.

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Silver Fox said...

Congratulations on getting funding for your thesis mapping project. It's always a relief to have some expenses covered. And it sounds like an interesting one!