21 June, 2008

Rocks in the City

Following up on my contribution to the last Accretionary Wedge I would like to point out the website called "Steine in der Stadt" - German for "Rocks in the City". The website is run and maintained by the two lecturers who walked us through Berlin last weekend. Even to those of you not able of German it might be a great source. Sparing you the ordeal of having to nagivate a German site I send you directly to Bibliography featuring literature about Rocks in Cities for America. Sources here all in English. For all those able of some German - you should try to explore this site. You can download abstracts, excursion guides and conference booklets from the last 3 years all dealing with dimension stones in cities. Very informative perhaps also to those who cannot afford big field trips. Explore your town with a guide and you are likely to find all kinds of rocks from all ages and types close-by.

Also please excuse my recent low activity. I am busy with another diploma exam that I will take on monday. After that I'll be be off for vacations till the middle of July

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Silver Fox said...

Oh, that's an interesting bibliography for rocks in cities of North America - I'll have to remember to check the next time I'm traveling.

Good luck on your exam!