06 June, 2008

Weekend Field Foto - Ferry to Hiddensee

Time for another weekend field foto! Here is a foto I took on my first big field trip with university after my 2nd semester (I skipped the 1st semester and started right in the 2nd, that is why it was my first field trip). At 5:30AM or maybe 6:00AM we had to take the ferry from the German island of RĂ¼gen to the island of Hiddensee. The field trip was about coastal environments of the Northern and Baltic Sea. Within 12 days we drove from Usedom in the very east to Heligoland in the very west. Being my first it was quite stressful especially because I am a real night-owl and hate getting up early. On the other hand I could keep working way into midnight without a problem.

You can see the small town we departed from. Church in center and the German flag of the ferry boat waving gently in the warm morning wind.

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Jackwatsan said...

The photograph is really very nice,
here the photograper's interrest at nature is appriciable and the church view in the bank seeming beautiful.

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