03 June, 2008

Where on Google Earth # 130

EffJot's WoGE#129 was easy to find and thus WoGE#130 is back on my Blog! Originally I wanted to chose another location, however, the copyright note on the image was giving away the exact location. This region is similiar enough and a similiar process is happening here but in a different part of the world. What I want from you is the exact location and a good educated guess on what's going on here. The location is well described in the literature.

I decided to invoke the Schott Rule again. Meaning previous winners must wait 1 hour for every previous win before posting the solution. Good luck!

Posting time was 5:11 PM Central European Time.

P.S. EffJot's commentaries do not show my comment and link to this WoGE. Please excuse the inconvenience.


fj said...

39°09'S 139°39'E; South Australia, approx. 150km south of Adelaide

Looks like a "Nehrung" and "Haff" behind it. I hope I got the English terms right (thanks, LEO & Wikipedia): a spit/bar with a lagoon.

Lost Geologist said...

Afaik this is your second win fj! Congrats! The location is right and the general description though I was interested in who could point this out as the locality of the Coorong that gives its name to the Coorong-Model for the formation of dolomite. Your turn though.

fj said...

The white areas seem to be salt; the lagoon seems to evaporate. This quickly turned me away from the Baltic Sea, for which these landforms are typical. (Also the N-S trend didn't quite fit to the Baltic.)

fj said...

Oh great... It tried to at least write some more about the white plain areas, but was a bit slow. And not really correct, anyway. :-(

fj said...

I've posted WoGE #131 on my blog. Good luck!

(Sorry for the delay – I failed at the Captcha and didn't notice. :-( )