30 July, 2008

Sign of Life

I'm in the Harz mountains for a good week now. I'm doing well on my recovery - I think. Unfortunately there is no time to do any nice or big day trips. Neither do I have much online time with only one computer for all 80 guests. Naturally there is no upload possibility either. But I'm doing fine and enjoy the beautiful landscape whenever I can inbetween my treatments. Just today I was surprised to find a tiny piece of black turmaline and a tiny garnet in the near-by creek while taking a two hour hike. Time to unpack my pan... :-D


effjot said...

It's great to hear that you're doing well! I could also fancy some nice time in the Harz, however without any medical treatment. ;-)

Sadly, you have missed my insidious WoGE which had been almost at your doorstep.

Best wishes for the rest of your stay in the Harz!

Lost Geologist said...

Thanks! Well, I saw your WOGE and also searched it half-heartedly. But I knew I wouldn't be around long enough to post my own or reply frequently.

Silver Fox said...

I'm glad to hear you are doing well in your recovery. It sounds like it's a beautiful place to hike around in.

Sabine said...

I hope you are recovering well and I'm glad to know you are getting to do some hounding in the free time. :)