31 August, 2008

Geological mapping and Google Earth

The Lab Lemming was it who started uploading fantasy maps which prompted Hypocente from Hypo-theses to try the same with georectified maps from student undergraduate mappings. Inspired by that I took two excerpts from my mapping in Brittany three years ago and tried to upload it into Google Earth. The method ain't perfect, yet, but it is astonishing how easy it is to correctly align the maps using easy to recognise features like roads and coastlines. The only problem I still have is getting the map to the right size without distorting the map.

The coastline at Pointe de Treboul ou Pointe du Guern on the Presqu'ile de Crozon

Above is what I could make from two old scans that I have. South-West of Raguenez you can see the Rozan Formation in brown and to the South-East the Armorican Sandstone in yellow. The little red spot is the Schist Rouge (actually a conglomerate here) and the black areas represent different schists.

Playing with OneGeology in the Upper Rhine Graben

I've been playing around a little with OneGeology the new online geological map. Various people already blogged about it. Here I chose the approximate location of my thesis mapping project in the Upper Rhine Graben south of the city of Freiburg. I will be working on Triasso-Jurassic sediments consisting of mostly carbonates, marl and sandstones. The oolitic limestones will be the main target but that's too much detail that no one can see in this low resolution map. The greenish, turquis to blueish/violett area constitutes Mesozoic sediments of the South-Western German Basin. Enough talk. Here is the "map":

29 August, 2008

Current readings

Copying what Brian is doing with his monthly reading list here is what is currently on mine as preperation for my thesis mapping project that will be starting end of november.

Thats enough for quite some time but I need to start with something. Gladly I do have a good portion of time left till november.

27 August, 2008

Back from the Harz Mountains

Today I came home from my 5 week stay in the Harz mountains. It has been a long time and it looks like it was worth it to spend it on my health. You will understand that I was not actively blogging for that time.

Well, I will be home for about 3 weeks now until I fly to Lima, Peru, for my first ever geo-congress! That will definitly be an exciting experience and I am looking forward to seeing one or two friends there and lots of new people! If any of you geobloggers happen to be there at the time and feel like meeting for a drink or real-world chat give me a call, like some of you already did.

Also I got news regarding my master mapping project. I will begin working in the field at the end of november after all the vegetation has died. My prof gladly managed to take care of the formalities in my time of absence. More on that later...

Sometime in the next days or week I'll also get around to make one or two geology posts related to my offline time.

14 August, 2008

A new German Geoblog

My recreational health treatment has been extended for two more weeks. So no big posts, however, there is a newly born German Geoblog that I expect to become a quality source. It seems the name is still temporary but have a look at the Geoberg-Blog nevertheless! The author is also in charge of the Geoberg Website and geolismus.de.

UPDATE: I added this Blog to my list of German Geoblogs.