27 August, 2008

Back from the Harz Mountains

Today I came home from my 5 week stay in the Harz mountains. It has been a long time and it looks like it was worth it to spend it on my health. You will understand that I was not actively blogging for that time.

Well, I will be home for about 3 weeks now until I fly to Lima, Peru, for my first ever geo-congress! That will definitly be an exciting experience and I am looking forward to seeing one or two friends there and lots of new people! If any of you geobloggers happen to be there at the time and feel like meeting for a drink or real-world chat give me a call, like some of you already did.

Also I got news regarding my master mapping project. I will begin working in the field at the end of november after all the vegetation has died. My prof gladly managed to take care of the formalities in my time of absence. More on that later...

Sometime in the next days or week I'll also get around to make one or two geology posts related to my offline time.


Silver Fox said...

Hey, I meant to welcome you back - but I was gone!

Welcome back!!

Lost Geologist said...

Thanks a lot and no problem! :)

Larry Nicholas said...

I am interested in the Harz Mountains geology. I will be there on Holiday in the fall and would like to know more.
Years ago I graduated from Western Washington University w/ a degree in Geology.

Lost Geologist said...

I will try to email you a few suggestions for visiting. There are a couple of nice places that are easy to reach with wonderful geology. One example that I wrote about is the spring of the Rhuma river: