31 August, 2008

Playing with OneGeology in the Upper Rhine Graben

I've been playing around a little with OneGeology the new online geological map. Various people already blogged about it. Here I chose the approximate location of my thesis mapping project in the Upper Rhine Graben south of the city of Freiburg. I will be working on Triasso-Jurassic sediments consisting of mostly carbonates, marl and sandstones. The oolitic limestones will be the main target but that's too much detail that no one can see in this low resolution map. The greenish, turquis to blueish/violett area constitutes Mesozoic sediments of the South-Western German Basin. Enough talk. Here is the "map":


Silver Fox said...

You seem to have a fault in the middle of your map? Or do the formation names change?

Lost Geologist said...

Yes, there is a big fault. Unfortunately the German OneGeology maps does not include structural data, yet, and using French data on a German map gave me only chaos. That should be the main boundary failt of the Rhine rift. In same places this fault is 10m wide and marked by an intense Breccia zone. Badenweiler and Kandern are still situated on the left-overs of mesozoic sediments that are holding on to the graben shoulders. If I am not mistaken you have a succession from Lower Triassic Buntsandstein (only in small parts) to Upper Jurrassic looking from East to West. The large pink area East of the line Badenweiler-Kandern is Granite from the Black Forrest. The area has some intense tectonics that I still need to get into a bit more before I start mapping.