02 September, 2008

Painting Geologist

Totally not geology related I felt like sharing what seems to be becoming my new hobby to relax from studying and thesis preperations. I began painting. Just today I bought a set of 12 colours, paint brushes and paper. Not that I am losing my interesting in geology, however it is clear sometime the analytical-scientific needs to be shut down and put aside. I'm curious what kind of hobbies people out there have when they are not focused on doing geology. That would be interesting to know really. Perhaps you can leave some comments on that.

- without title -

- without title -
It's an awful lot of fun to make paintings like that. In case you are wondering those above were made without any paint brushes.


JoeKopera said...

Morris Dancing and playing banjo. Accordian is on the docket for the fall.

Callan Bentley said...

Nice! I dig 'em. Keep it up.

Lost Geologist said...

Thanks for your motivation Callan!

Joe, I have no idea but what is Morris Dancing?

Silver Fox said...

I've done a bit of painting myself, starting out with some acrylics - also like you without paintbrushes. Then some watercolors.

Nowadays, I guess I mostly do photography and travel (are those busman's holidays?).

Painting is quite good for getting into other perspectives besides analytical! Have fun!

Lost Geologist said...

Right now I am using Tempora colours which are very easy to handle. However, travelling for a geologists is hard on the border between work and vacation, considering what we do and how we get there, no? :)

Silver Fox said...

P.S. for a sample, go to this link (a more personal webpage of mine).

Lost Geologist said...

Those look great! I'll need some more practise until I can master paintings like that!

Julian said...

I like these! The color and texture in the second one remind me of Klimt, even. Keep it up!

I also find visual art to be relaxing and fun, though my own style is more illustrative/cartoony and I'm not all that good with actual paint (I prefer markers). Music is not the most relaxing thing for me right now, but I'm sure that it will attain that status again once I am further removed temporally from music grad school.

(If you're at all curious, some of my drawings are here.)