07 October, 2008

Home, a Congress, Geobloggers and Lima

Today after a stressing 24h travel from door to door I have safely returned home from my travels to Lima in Peru. It was again a wonderful experience to be in Lima and meet many old - and new - friends. As you can read in previous posts I flew to Lima in order to, besides visiting friends, attend the XIII Latin-American Geological Congress / XIV Peruvian Geological Congress and the SEG Workshop: "Geology of Pb-Zn Ore Deposits: The Present Perspective" by Richard Tosdale, David Leach, Lluís Fontboté y Larry Meinert. Both of these were excellent experiences and I was very impressed by the course. Sadly for some unknown reason Lluis Fontbote could not attend. Still - a great course! Congress itself took 4 days with little more than 1800 participants and more than 60 stands of geo-related companies (mostly mining and exploration services).

On the evening of the 29th of september Patricio, Luis, Miguel and I also managed to have our first Lima Geobloggers Meeting in Larcomar. Patricio even managed to make this nice logo which of course shows-up rather late (Internet connection from San Miguel/Lima was awful) on my blog but I like it.

So we met in the Hooters Bar (contrary to what the logo says...) in Larcomar, drank a nice Peruvian beer and had plenty to laugh about from personal and very hilarious geo-anecdotes of which we better not share the content online.

From left to right: En Morrenas, Lost Geologist, MiGeo and Geocosas.

It was great meeting you guys by the way!

The congress: It was awesomely big. Ok, it was my first big one. But still. I have a lot of people whom I promised to write. There are one or two possibilities that could develop into a master thesis, however, I prefer to celebrate once I have something concrete. Anyways, the presentations went on for 4 days in 4 different rooms 10 hours each day. Almost every kind of topic was somehow adressed with a focus on mining and mineral deposits and, of course, Latinamerican geology. If you are interested the programm is still online on their website. Also I heard the presentations will (or already are?) be uploaded to a website. I'll let you know once I know more.

The entire event was finalised by a nice dinner in a great Argentinian restaurant in Miraflores together with two kind professors from Brasil and a local geology student (hi Jenny!).


Silver Fox said...

Ah, en espanol!

Glad you had a good trip.

Lukysh said...

Glad to ear you arrive healthy and well. Was nice to meet you, may be in another congress we meet again. Keep in touch.

Patricio said...

That was so good! We have to meet us again! Thanks for the recommendation!. Keep in touch!

effjot said...

I'm glad you had such a nice and insightful time.

Still, I was afraid that you and your South American Geoblog Clique would beat me to Péter's WoGE. Luckily for me, you had better things to do. ;-)

Lost Geologist said...

Thanks for all the nice comments! :)