15 October, 2008

Quo vadis...?

I like geoblogging and I like reading other geoblogs. Dispite that I am feeling a little lost about where I am going with my personal geoblogging effort. During the last days and weeks I had the growing feeling that I am missing a certain kind of recurrent or central theme to my writing.

Not being directly involved into any research or university projects does not leave much room but to focus on things I happen to come across. Admittedly that is not very satisfying. Writing about interesting issues that I am not having any kind of personal connection to through either my own work or private journeys is also not what I want. I need a direction. Therefore I am trying to more clearly outline my own interests. My upcoming mapping project will somehow provide for a lot of good geology to write about but on the same time my ability to do so will be restricted by less internet access. There just is no internet cafe in the middle of the forrest. Anyways. Below I am trying to put the future of my geoblog into a (preliminary) shape.

UPDATE: I should also have added carbonate sedimentology (or rather geology?) and karst phenomena to my list.
  • My personal work and research: The mesozoic sediments of the Southern Upper Rhine Graben and the carbonate and clay potential as a industrial resource. Think cement, bricks and refractory materials.
  • Personal anecdotes and encounters with geology: The story behind the story. Geology is not done by machines but by people - in this case by me. So I will occasionally write about that. Also I happen to come across interesting places. Just think about my posts about Lima or the Rhumequelle.
  • Mineral deposits: That is what I specialised in and what fascinates me. It is one of the reasons of why I want to blog. Until now I did not know how to incorporate this into my blogging though. I will pick the most interesting mineral deposits article I come across each month and write about it and what it is about. One article per months appears to be a practical goal.
  • Geoblogs and random stuff: Anything that does not fit into the above three categories. Geoblogs, WoGE, Accretionary Wedge contributions and memes. There will be no more distinction between weekend fun and weekend field foto and whatnot. Maybe I leave that out completely I was not very regularly doing it anyways.
  • Art/Painting: I will not share all my hobbies on this blog but I decided I will occasionally show you my paintings. Why? Hmm..why not?!
  • (No) incognito blogging: I have been pondering this but with no conclusion. There are certain advantages and disadvantages. The point is that anything I write about my mapping project leads directly to me because I am the only one working in it. I will be cooperating with a regional geological survey. Most information will be public or public domain but some won't be. If I can blog about certain things will require their permission. And...if they know - why not the rest, too? But...well you get the idea I think.
Still. I would welcome very much your ideas, suggestions and comments. Not only on the above mentioned points but also your general ideas and suggestions that you may have for me. The direction issue. What do you think about by blogging? What do you like and what not?


Lockwood said...

I can relate to your difficulty. I have been thinking about starting a separate blog to deal with geology specifically, or maybe science more broadly. The blog I started last spring is a rambling, random thing, and I like it that way. It reflects who I am. Recently, being in the US, it's been very heavy on politics. Sometimes it's more heavy on humor. Recently, I've been participating more in, and getting more attention from, the geoblogosphere. I recognize that my blog, as it is, doesn't really fit.

But the decision I've made for the time being is that my blog reflects where I am and what I'm thinking about right now. Often that's science, often it's not. I think everyone has to figure out how to find that middle ground between fitting in and doing what one wants.

I doubt this helps at all, but there have been a few posts in recent days getting at this issue. Yours happened to be the one that triggered an immediate response. But whatever you decide to do, you're in my RSS feed. I'll read it.

Lost Geologist said...

Lockwood, thanks for your comments. I have been reading the mentioned posts. Actually any input is better than none so you do help. Today I was simply too busy with real life and university to spend any time on this and the blog. Perhaps I get some additional time tomorrow to ponder this matter in more detail - and perhaps a comment or two, as well.

Silver Fox said...

I think the decision about incognito or not will have to be yours alone, as you best know your situation.

I have enjoyed so many of your posts, and they have been on wide topics, but that hasn't bothered me. I also like seeing a little personal stuff in blogs, so if you add art, that would be alright with me!

Doing something on one mineral deposit a month sounds quite interesting.

Your tags are high in gastropods, peru, geoblogs, germany, geology of course, yourself (me), fun, and WOGE, also high in minerals and mineral deposits combined. I think that any emphasis you continue to place on Germany is a kind of theme, your thesis, and mineral deposits.

Also, you have been very dilligent in keeping us all aprised of new blogs!

I hope this adds something to your quandry. I don't really stick to one theme myself, I don't think, although a lot of it comes down to Nevada!

Lost Geologist said...

I'm glad you like so many of my posts SF! Thinking about it, it is quite nice to gain insight from how other people perceive the blog. It is not always so easy from the personal perspective. What you said sounds good though. Perhaps I just need to bring a little order into my thoughts and blog. We will see... :)

Silver Fox said...

A couple more thoughts: The list you made is a nice, organized list - and about the confidentiality, the things that are confidential would still be that way whether you use your real name or not.

Lost Geologist said...

You are right. I am hoping to use the list as a general guideline for myself.

And I think I will remain incognito. Anyone who wants to know who I am can still send me an email.