30 November, 2008

Field impressions #2

Thursday I spent all day with another Geologist practising how to quickly document a quarry. With some practise the documentation process for resource evaluation (overburden, thickness of useable rock, petrography, etc.) can take no more than 5 to 10 minutes. It can be quite fun to drive around all day and visit old quarries here and there. Before lunchtime we had one stop with a magnificent view across the Rhine Valley with the Vosges mountains at the horizon. I would like to share it.

The view west from close to the Tuniberg


Silver Fox said...

Nice photo! Are those grapevines in the foreground? In between quarries you could check out the wineries, maybe. And quarry checking does sound like fun!

Lost Geologist said...

Yes, those are grapevines! Once I have made some considerable progress or encounter a very bad weather phase I will certainly give the local wines a try.

Last 2 days was also mapping and then quarry checking which will continue for 2 or 3 days I assume. It is hard to do more than 5 to 7 quarries a day. Driving and getting there takes more time than actually working.