22 November, 2008

Field impressions

To my great surprise the owners of the little vacation flat that I am renting during my mapping work provided me with internet access! I am very happy about it. It will make staying in touch with family and friends much easier and also gives me the chance to share a few, first field impressions with you. The real work will begin monday when I have an organisational meeting with my local supervisor. Thuesday should then be the first official day at field work. Anyhow, today I took a drive around and through my mapping area to gather first impressions and to orientate myself. The weather is very bad and it had some rain and snow showers even in the valleys. Some of the hills are completely white right now. The weather forecasts look good though and starting thuesday temperatures and weather should improve.

Closing in on the southern end of my mapping area

At the southern most tip I found this unused quarry.

Just a few km down the road: The wine in front still belongs to my area. The village and what's behind gladly not.

On the road back to town I passed through this fairy tale forrest.

As you can see conditions aren't really perfect but I think it'll do. Once the weather improves and once I have access to the drill core documents work should be easier. The few random pieces I picked-up today already contained a few fossils and oncolites/pellets/oolites which proved to be a bit hard to tell apart because they are so tiny. Perhaps I can demonstrate a few fotos of those in the coming weeks.


Harold Asmis said...

Looks very scenic. Who starts a field season in the Winter? Watch out for frostbite!

Lost Geologist said...

Mapping earlier is hindered by too much vegetation - too late by snow. So mapping needs to be done after the disappearance of the vegetation and before the first bad snow.

Silver Fox said...

It looks like a neat place to be staying - and I hope the weather holds off long enough for you to get to your outcrops.

Silver Fox said...

I forgot you had comment moderation on!

Lost Geologist said...

No problem Silver Fox! It is simply easier for me when I am away all day to keep track what's being posted and keep out unwanted stuff if it should arise. :-)

effjot said...

I hope there were no further surprises during the organisational meetings and the investigation area size stayed the same. ;-)

If there's still too much snow, you could switch to skiing – that might get you more quickly from outcrop to outcrop.

Good luck down there!

Miguel Vera said...

Good luck man, and have fun.