19 November, 2008


I'm leaving for field work tomorrow morning and will be absent until christmas - unless I find internet access. The Southern Upper Rhine Graben between Freiburg and Basel will be my hunting ground. Check out some previous posts for more details. To prevent spam I activated the comment moderation. If your comments should not show-up then I didn't have a chance to access the internet.


Silver Fox said...

Best of luck in the field, and have fun!

Anonymous said...

Good luck, don't freeze, and enjoy the Rogenstein. ;-)

Lost Geologist said...

I'm very lucky - without asking the family whose vacational flat I am renting provided me with internet access! That's what I call good service! The road down was very exhausting because it was raining extremely for 2/3 of the way but we got here safely. (My parents insisted in seeing my thesis mapping project for a few days).
Monday I have a meeting with my supervisor from the geo-survey so I guess I start real work on thuesday. Occasionally I will post some fotos of the area.