02 November, 2008

Geology bookmarks 1

I've been thinking of sharing my geology related bookmarks for a while. Finally I figured out how to copy & paste the links and names easily. Below you will find around 50 to 60 links to various geology sites taken from my "general geology" bookmarks. I will share other bookmarks later which may include sites of similiar topical range, however, most of my bookmarks are arranged by creative chaos which should also ensure that there is something for everybody. Don't spend too much time reading - some of those website are simply excellent and also all of these sites are completely free access and very educational!
  1. A Geologist's Lifetime Field List
  2. All About Glaciers
  3. An Online Guide to Sequence Stratigraphy
  4. Bedrock Geology - Field Locations - Maine Geological Survey
  5. Bowen's Reaction Series-Igneous Rock Forming Minerals
  6. Caribbean Research at UTIG
  7. Chemische Sedimente Gliederung
  8. CO2SINK
  9. Earth Science World - Gateway to the Geosciences
  10. Earth Scientist's Periodic Table
  11. EarthRef.org -- Home Page
  12. eMik - Das virtuelle Polarisationsmikroskop
  13. Geochemistry - Geological Sciences 455 Home Page
  14. Geologic History of the Moon
  15. Geologic Web Sites of L.S. Fichter
  16. Geologische Karten von Skandinavien - Schweden, Finnland
  17. Geology Central
  19. GeoMapApp
  20. Geoscience Australia
  21. Geotope im Regierungsbezirk Freiburg
  22. Geotope in Baden-Württemberg
  23. Global Seismic Monitor
  24. Guide to the Permian Reef Geology Trail - Texas Bureau of Economic Geology
  25. Historical Geology Lab Manual - Georgia Perimeter College - Pamela Gore
  26. Igneous Geochemistry
  27. Igneous Rocks
  28. Igneous Rocks Home Page
  29. Jahrestagung 2007 - Afrikagruppe deutscher Geowissenschaftler Programm
  30. Jurassic of Russia
  31. Karstquellen in Deutschland
  32. Keck Earth Sciences and Mining Research Information Center
  33. Landsat.org Home Page
  34. Lithostratigraphisches Lexikon
  35. Magmatic Differentiation
  36. Mantel Plumes
  37. Mineral and Ore Deposits, Links for Mineralogists
  38. Minerals under the Microscope Earth Sciences University of Bristol
  39. Molluscn Glossary
  40. Nevada Geology
  41. Palaeos
  42. Paläo-Geologische Zeitskala - Wikipedia
  43. Paleogeography through time
  44. Permian Reef Complex Guadalupe Mountains
  45. Permian Reefs and Carbonate Complexes
  46. Petrograph
  47. Quivira Coalition: Field Guides
  48. Scotese Paleomaps
  49. Shuttle Radar Topography Mission
  51. Strukturgeologie
  52. The Iberian Pyrite Belt physical volcanology
  53. Theory of the Earth - Books by Caltech Authors
  54. UIUC Geology Library--Selective Bibliography; Coral Reefs of the Netherlands Antilles
  55. USC Sequence Stratigraphy Web
P.S: I tried to only post working links but if there should still be dead links please let me know and I clean-up the list.

Update: Added numbering and removed a dead link


BrianR said...

great list! I've been wanting to put together a list like this for years.

Silver Fox said...

Wow! And just how fast do you expect us to read through this? :)

Lost Geologist said...

I have to admit I didn't get around myself to read all of thise, yet. Actually I think I only really read those that were of direct help to me and just kept the others for later reading in case I need it. So you can still catch-up! ;-)

volcanista said...

This is a great list! Thanks - I hadn't come across a few of these on my own.

Though I see you have a bookmark to mantleplumes.org - put me down as one who believes in plumes. ;-)

CJR said...

Cool - some new inclusions for the Geology Search Engine!

I've been thinking we really should think about putting together a links page for the Accretionary Wedge - this would be a good starting point, perhaps?

Lost Geologist said...

CJR: I agree. A link page of geology related website would be a nice addition to the Accretionary Wedge. Perhaps sorted by discipline (e.g. Palaeontology, Sedimentology, Mining, etc.).

It would give the Acc. Wedge more purpose and could develop it into a central starting point for the geoblogosphere even (I am thinking including the complete list(s) of geoblogs there, too). But thats just a spontaneous idea I have. :)

Robert Huber said...

What about creating a bookmark list in some of the social bookmarking tools (delicious or citeulike)?
Delicious has rss feeds so it would be very easy to add it to blogs..

Ahem, and I cannot resist to place a link to stratigraphy.net which was not on the list.
It offers tools and many data on stratigraphy and paleontology.

Lost Geologist said...

That is a good idea Robert. I will see that I get around to it inbetween the preparations for my "Diplomkartierung" - I think you know what that is. Sharing my links was a quick and easy way to blog without loosing much time for my preparations.

BTW, I already linked to your blog and have you among my bookmarks. It just takes some time till a link moves from the "found and saved" folder to the right category folder. :)