02 November, 2008

Geology bookmarks 2

Here is the second batch of geology related bookmarks I want to share with you. These focus on mineral deposits, sedimentology and volcanology. There are more to come in the next days for Palaeontology, Geological Associations, Journals I often consult and a long list of mining companies if you want.
Mineral Deposits
  1. Epithermal Gold for Explorationists by G. Corbett
  2. Gemmological Association of Australia
  3. Gemstones Australia.com, Gem Stone, Gem Stone Bead, Gem Stone Jewelry, Precious Gem Stone, gemstonesaustralia.com
  4. Geoscience - Gemstones - Australian gemstones
  5. Geschichte des Bergbaus am Kandel
  6. Greenland Mineral Occurrence Map
  7. Metallogenic Mineral Provinces and World Class Ore Deposits in Europe
  8. Mineral Deposits of Canada
  9. Minerals Statistics and Information from the USGS
  10. MINEX News Greenland
  11. Mining in Zambia - geological terrain map
  12. Near-shore oolitic marine ironstones- Schmiedefeld (D)- Gebersreuth (D)-Wittmannsgereuth (D)-Töpen (D)-Bruck(D)-Unterneuhütten
  13. Non-Sulfide Zinc Deposits - SGA News 15
  14. Oil Sands Discovery Centre
  15. Preliminary Compilation of Descriptive Geoenvironmental Mineral Deposit Models
  16. Skarn Web Page
  17. Treasure Tales State Index
  19. Vein Deposits
  1. Depositional Sedimentary Environments Lab
  2. NSF Workshop on Community Sedimentary Model for Carbonate Systems
  3. Sedimentary Environments Chart
  1. Caribbean Volcanoes
  2. Smithsonian Institution - Global Volcanism Program Worldwide Holocene Volcano and Eruption Information
  3. Volcanic Materials Identification

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Silver Fox said...

You've definitely got a lot of neat links here...