05 November, 2008

Geology bookmarks 4

While WoGE #154 is still waiting for the first replies (btw, I added volcanista's Magmalicious Blog to my Blogroll) I can continue with sharing my geology related bookmarks. Today I have a list of institutions and associations of geology and various state surveys.

Geological Institutions and Associations
  1. AAG - Association of Applied Geochemists
  2. AMEBC - Association for Mineral Exploration BC
  3. Arbeitskreis Bergbaufolgen
  4. AWI - Alfred-Wegener-Institut für Polar- und Meeresforschung
  5. BCGS - British Columbia Geological Survey
  6. BDG - Berufsverband Deutscher Geowissenschaftler e.V.
  7. BGR - Bundesanstalt für Geowissenschaften und Rohstoffe
  8. BSM - Berlin School of Mines
  9. CIMP - International Commission of the Palaeozoic Microflora
  10. DGG - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Geowissenschaften
  11. DINAMIGE - Direccion Nacional de Mineria y Geologia Uruguay
  12. DMG - Deutsche Mineralogische Gesellschaft
  13. GAG - Grubenarchäologischen Gesellschaft
  14. GGA - Institut für Geowissenschaftliche Gemeinschaftsaufgaben
  15. Geology Newsfeed
  16. Geothermal Networks
  17. GOLDSHEET Mining Directory
  18. GSC - Geological Survey of Canada
  19. GSN - Geologic Society of Nevada
  20. GV - Geologische Vereinigung e. V.
  21. IAS - International Association of Sedimentologists
  22. IGME - Instituto Geológico y Minero de España
  23. InfoGEO.de
  25. Inkaba yeAfrika - www.inkaba.org
  26. LGRB - Landesamt für Geologie, Rohstoffe und Bergbau von Baden-Württemberg
  27. MABC - Mining Association of British Columbia
  28. Ministerio de Energía y Minas - Perú
  29. NBMG - Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology
  30. SEG - Society of Economic Geologists
  31. SGA - Society of Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits
  32. SGR - Societatea Geologica a Romaniei
  33. UBC/MDRU - Mineral Deposit Research Unit
  34. UGS - Utah Geological Survey


wordfalling said...

You have no idea how useful these posts are to this lowly undergraduate geosciences student. Though I've spent an inordinate amount of time perusing these sites which would probably have been better spent actually doing working on the various assignments I've been tasked with.

Silver Fox said...

Great site list!

@Wordfalling, and don't play too many internet games, either! ;)