13 November, 2008

My desk and what I am doing

These days I am in the last phase of literature preparations for my mapping project. I'll go to fieldwork in one week. So I'll be mapping in november and mostly december. I am not being very creative while preparing so instead I show you what my desk currently looks like almost every day.

It is not possible to recognise what I am reading but it has gotten more since I took that foto. Perhaps I manage to make one or two posts related to my mapping before I leave. Please cross your fingers - perhaps I have internet on-site.

In case you wonder what I am doing: I am trying to compile a complete list of all the known formations, subformations, members and beds that exist in my field area. Something that so far is either spread out in different publications or so outdated that only an insider would know what people are actually talking about. Additionally I am noting the descriptions of the important lithostratigraphic horizons. This way I am also bringing the old nomenclature for the region up-to-date; which is necessary to produce a map in concordance with modern terminology. Unfortunately I have never been in the region before, therefore I need to make up my lack of experience with a lot of literature knowledge.

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Lutz said...

Your desk is really tidy compared to my one ;-).