22 December, 2008

Looking back to 2008 and Merry Christmas!

Last night I returned home from my mapping project for Christmas and New Year vacations. So finally I have a chance to reflect on what happened in the last year in the last post for 2008. Take a look at the posts that I find myself most rewarding, fun or informative.


On January 7th, 2008 I made my first post on this blog.
Minerals from Berlin - searching for heavy minerals in a close-by lake.
Not very informative but my eye-opener that I am not alone.
My first time participating at Where on (Google) Earth.

February saw little activity...


I visited the Rhinefalls at Schaffhausen.
Geotripper's geologists facing death lead me to write about "..facing the tides".
The post about the Hohentwiel volcanoe I liked a lot.
Then I wrote about my seminar paper on microfossils within phyllitic rocks.
Also I discovered my interest in Nonsulfide Zn-Pb deposits.


It was time to create a feed on German Geo-blogs...
...and I wrote about a Peruvian VMS deposit.
Free and open access geo-journals followed.


First I jumped on the tag cloud band waggon.
Second I began thinking and deciding about going to XIV Congreso Peruano de Geologia.
Followed by worrying about gastropods for several times.
The Accretionary Wedge allowed me to write about that Everything is inter-connected.
Last but not least I was musing a little on Nonsulfide Zn-Pb deposits again.


Geology in Art was the theme of the 10th Accretionary Wedge.


A little roadside geology from Romania of the Pestera Ursilor karst cave...
...and some ancient and modern beaches at Costinesti.
I really decided to go to Lima.

I was playing with OneGeology...
...and geological maps in Google Earth.


I became a Painting Geologist.
The Rhumequelle, a karst spring, fascinated me.
The 86th Annual Meeting of the German Mineralogical Society was my first congress participation.
The geology of the Lima coast also got my fascinated.


I had a wonderful time in Lima and met some great Geobloggers!
A follow-up on geology at Lima with Travertines along the Lima coast.
Field work preparations began.


Sharing my long list of Geology bookmarks 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.
Writing about the Hauptrogenstein-Formation.
Starting my series on Sequence Stratigraphy and Industrial Mineral exploration (I promise part 3 will come in January).
And first field impressions.


I was searching my quarries.
Writing about carbonate sedimentology.
In the end snow won.

This is the end for 2008! I hope you will be following and commenting (I always like comments) just as actively in the new year. Last but not least let me wish you all a...


Merry Christmas
and a
Happy New Year!


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Silver Fox said...

A nice year-end review. And Happy New Year to you! (Oops, that rhymes.)