17 January, 2009

Chinese Geoblogosphere

Some recent visits from China to my blog and the recent post of Silver Fox on Looking for Detachment led me to start a small search for the Chinese Geoblogosphere. Surprised as I was I discovered a few geoscience related blogs in Chinese. I don't speak Chinese, google translation is...."funny" but they are obviously talking about geology there. I don't even know how to correctly translate the names of the blogs or their authors so I decided to simple post the links and my personal interpretation of what their names might be like. If you are Chinese and find my translation to be total nonsense please excuse my ignorance. I'd be most grateful for a correct name translation and I will correct them as soon as I can. The list is by no names complete I think. If you are not listed accept my excuse.

UPDATE: hawkman (see comments) was kind of enough to reply and inform me about the correct translations for the Chinese Geoblogs! Thanks a lot! Corrections included below.

Geography Time http://www.comgeo.net/

Shao-Ji-Cheng's Blog http://www.sciencenet.cn/u/Majorite/

Liu Jishun's Blog http://www.sciencenet.cn/u/yuelugj/

About Rock and other http://www.kongcuo.com/

Hawkman's Blog about earthquakes http://hawkman.tasuo.org/

GeoIdea http://www.geoidea.org/

365 Geo http://www.365geo.com/

It is a shame I don't understand a word of Chinese. The Google translation often provides very funny results.


Silver Fox said...

Hey, neat that you are doing this. I'm hoping maybe we'll get some feedback - but so far none on my post.

hawkman said...

first two and last two are correct,and then
liu jishun's blog: http://www.sciencenet.cn/u/yuelugj/
about rock and other
kongcuo's blog: http://www.kongcuo.com/
about earthquake
hawkman's blog http://hawkman.tasuo.org/
this is mine,about geology,earthquake and other of life.

I am Chinese student, major in geology of earthquake, you can call me hawkman. I'm very happy that you are paying close attention to Geoblogosphere of China. I also built GeoIdea http://www.geoidea.org/ with my friends except http://hawkman.tasuo.org/ .
GeoIdea dedicate in making geoscience accessible for normal people of China. You are welcome to offer much material on geoscience to us,thx

Lost Geologist said...

Thanks a lot for your reply hawkman and thanks also for letting us know the correct translation. I will correct them asap.